NZ King Salmon growers have nurtured the breed and developed their craft to produce one of the world’s most pure seafood’s.

King Salmon in New Zealand are raised within sea farms located in areas selected for their isolation, water quality and flow and adhering to the Resource Management Act 1991, focussed on the sustainable management of New Zealand’s natural resources.

A New Zealand King Salmon starts life in a fresh water hatchery where it will remain until around 8-13 months before transferred to a salt water farm.  These sea farms are designed specifically for New Zealand conditions with pens up to 24m deep. The depth of the pens offer improved growing conditions allowing the fish to move below the surface water and away from surface related stress. The young fish after being placed within a sea water farm will generally take 19 - 31 months of further nurturing to grow to an optimum market size of around 3.5 – 4 kg (7.7-8.8 lbs) and ranging up to around 6 kg (13.2 lbs).