Industry Overview

Driving innovation, encouraging passion

The success of New Zealand’s aquaculture industry to date has been the result of passing and building on knowledge through generations. The core of this knowledge includes an intimate understanding of growing regions and knowing when to harvest the fish and shellfish at their absolute moment of perfection.

The pioneers of the industry have dedicated much effort to mastering their craft and in doing so have shown some real ‘kiwi ingenuity’, the innovative thinking and hard working attributes that New Zealander’s are often identified with. This ingenuity is especially evident in the development of some of the world leading seafood farming practices that New Zealand has been recognised for, such as mastering the retaining of juvenile mussels on growing ropes until they have managed to attach themselves with biodegradable stockings, with the idea coming from one of the pioneers watching a family member make female stockings.   

In developing this knowledge and experience the early pioneers and their subsequent generations have recognised the need to protect the heritage of New Zealand’s stunning natural resources in order to continue offering the highest quality seafood to the world. To ensure that the knowledge between generations continues to be directed towards sustainable practices, focus is currently on the training and education of industry members and potential entrants, to ensure that a passion for the industry and its long term success are key drivers into the future.