Growth & Innovation

Staying one step ahead.

Aquaculture in New Zealand has grown from small beginnings to become a significant primary industry. New Zealand has historically attained significant productivity and value gain by investing in research for its land based primary industries.  The same highly successful approach can be applied to aquaculture, and the same step change in growth can be expected to result.

New Zealand’s enviable ‘clean, green’ reputation gives our existing species a natural advantage in the international market, however it will be the ability to innovate, to be at the forefront of technology and to create a strong brand presence that will sustain any long term competitive advantage.

Within the research arena, the partnership between industry, government and the research continues to strengthen with the development of a long-term vision in aquaculture research and development at the national level.

The following four outcomes form the basis of the strategic approach to the research needs of the sector

  • Security: Strong risk management systems and tools protect current and future aquaculture systems from existing and emerging threats.
  • Sustainability: Ecological footprints of current and future production systems are understood, quantified, managed and verifiable.
  • Efficiency: Optimal production capacity and profitability is attained for current and future aquaculture systems within a framework of sustainable management.
  • Diversification: New species, farming, harvesting and processing systems, products and technologies are developed.

Pivotal to the industry embracing innovation is the market research and intelligence to inform and understand the drivers of food service trends and consumer needs and behaviour.

This vested interest in growth and innovation results from a common interest for the New Zealand aquaculture industry to stay smarter than the competition.  With more knowledge there is greater opportunity to accelerate its growth path and flourish.

For more information around science projects currently underway please visit Science New Zealand.