Feeding NZ's Future

Involving the community.

Aquaculture in New Zealand is not just a source of income; it is way of life representing a relationship with the land and sea with the ability to economically transform regional communities. It provides a future for those rural regions New Zealanders treasure and provides unity fostering strong community links.

Community participation is key to the aquaculture industry, where the two interact on a number of different levels.

The planning and approval process for coastal aquaculture in New Zealand considers each farm’s potential environmental effects, as well as its possible cultural and social effects.  Local communities are best placed to know their own surroundings and are involved in decisions regarding use of the coast and other natural resources working closely with industry coordinated by district and regional councils.  This extends to the community developing an ownership and passion for the premium products produced and sought after internationally.

The Aquaculture sector and community also share water space at a recreational level, where many within the fishing sector have realised the benefits of fishing around marine farms with their nutrient rich waters.