A taste of purity.

New Zealand Pacific Oysters are grown in pristine and isolated areas around New Zealand with the large majority of Oyster farms located in the Northland, Auckland and Coromandel regions at the top of New Zealand’s North Island.

Pacific Oysters thrive in New Zealand’s pure and nutrient filled waters which gives New Zealand Pacific Oysters their unique taste, succulent plump meat and the purity to be consumed in a natural, raw state.

Farming of New Zealand Pacific Oysters began back in the 1970’s and has grown into an industry now producing 3.5 million dozen a year. Since the inception, New Zealand Oyster farmers have been dedicated to developing a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

The growing cycle for New Zealand Pacific Oysters begins with juvenile oysters (spat) being collected from specific areas where it naturally occurs. This spawning process occurs over the New Zealand summer months (January to March). The spat is collected on timber sticks (as the Pacific Oyster prefers to attach itself to a hard surface). These spat covered sticks are then taken back to the farms and spaced out on inter-tidal racks, some are stripped and placed in baskets, mesh trays or bags. The inter-tidal racks which make up an Oyster farm are usually located in sheltered harbours or estuaries where the Oysters are washed over by two tides a day. This method of Oyster growing is proven to be the most effective way in producing maximum Oyster quality, allowing New Zealand Pacific Oysters to be grown to market size within 12–18 months.