Environmental Sustainability

Promising rich harvests for our future generation.

Core to the industry is a commitment to sustainable practices. No one has a greater interest in protecting the marine environment than the farmers who depend on it for their livelihoods.

Our farmers follow Environmental Codes of Practice, independently recognised as world leading, that direct best industry practices throughout growing and harvesting, minimising potential effects on the environment. Independent authorities also monitor the industry’s environmental performance through the resource consent process, requiring independent scientific studies be conducted on all potential farm sites, and on-going environmental monitoring during the life of the farm.

Aquaculture is considered one of the world’s most efficient forms of food production.

King Salmon farmed in New Zealand are net marine protein and oil producers (meaning the industry produces more fish protein and fish oil than it consumes) – the small amount of fish protein and oil in their diet is sourced from recognised sustainable fisheries.

Greenshell™ Mussels and Pacific Oysters filter nutrients from the water column and are universally recognised as an ultimate environmentally friendly food source.