New Zealand Aquaculture Hong Kong Master Class

Featuring renowned Chef Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation, the New Zealand Aquaculture Master class was one of the most unique culinary events that took place during the HOFEX hotel and food sector focussed trade show.

Chef Alvin Leung heads up Bo Innovation restaurant which is Hong Kong's only independent restaurant to be awarded two stars by the prestigious Michelin guide. Known as the ‘Demon Chef', Alvin's unique brand of "X-treme Chinese" has modernised Chinese cuisine by combining centuries old recipes with modern ingredients and cooking techniques, bringing with it lighter and more refreshing dishes in tune with modern palates. His combination of culinary art and science fulfils each and every sense, so that each bite leaves diners longing for more.

At this unique master class, Chef Alvin Leung was given a completely open brief to explore the epicureal extremes of what can be done with our premium New Zealand GreenshellTM Mussels, Pacific Oysters and King Salmon.

Showcasing Chef Alvin's unique culinary talents, a selection of exceptional New Zealand wines and the world's best farmed seafood, this event was attended by top chefs within the Hong Kong delegation of the renowned Gastronomical Association - Disciples Escoffier, key media writers and industry nominated trade contacts.  

This event was a great success and it is hoped that the event style can be adapted for similar New Zealand aquaculture industry presentations in other key markets.



New Zealand Aquaculture Conference 16-18 Sept 2015

New Zealand Aquaculture Conference - Nelson, 16-18 Sept 2015 [+] More

New Zealand Aquaculture Hong Kong Master Class

Held at the NZ Focus Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Thursday 7th May, 3 - 5pm [+] More