Sector Strategy

Following ten years of rapid growth, New Zealand’s aquaculture sector has emerged in a strong position for continued growth that will lead it into a billion-dollar industry by the year 2025.

To achieve its potential, the New Zealand aquaculture sector needs to identify and overcome the barriers inhibiting growth; this was the driver for the development of The New Zealand Aquaculture Sector Strategy.

The Strategy was prepared in conjunction with participants from all sectors of the seafood industry, iwi, government ministries, research providers and NGO’s. It focuses on actions that are within the control of the industry acting cooperatively as a sector, working in partnership with iwi, regions, communities, science, education, training providers and government.

The goal of the strategy is that by 2025 the New Zealand aquaculture sector will have sales of $1billion per annum.

The Vision

The New Zealand aquaculture sector is recognised within New Zealand and around the world as producing healthy, high quality, environmentally sustainable aquaculture products.

A Ten Point Plan directs the actions and work programme of Aquaculture New Zealand in the achievement of the aspirations identified by the sector.