Research and Development

New Zealand has historically attained significant productivity and value gain by investing in research for its land based primary industries.  The same highly successful approach can be applied to aquaculture, and the same step change in growth can be expected to result.

Aquaculture New Zealand works with industry, government and research providers to develop and implement a Research Strategy for the sector.  The Research Strategy sets out an overarching framework for sector research and development including priority areas for research investment.

The sector has identified 4 key research outcomes:

  • Security: Strong risk management systems and tools protect current and future aquaculture systems from existing and emerging threats.
  • Sustainability: Ecological footprints of current and future production systems are understood, quantified, managed and verifiable.
  • Efficiency: Optimal production capacity and profitability is attained for current and future aquaculture systems within a framework of sustainable management.
  • Diversification: New species, farming, harvesting and processing systems, products and technologies are developed.

An important facet of the Research Strategy is its explicit links to the sector’s Market Development Strategy.  This ensures market information informs the development of research priorities

Research that delivers on the outcomes listed above and is strongly linked to the market offers the sector significant growth opportunities for the industry. For a full list of research providers and key government department websites visit our Partnerships page.

For any enquiries around Aquaculture New Zealand’s Research & Development role, please contact:

Colin Johnston
Technical Director - Aquaculture New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0)3 546 2666