Tempura NZ Pacific Oysters with kelp seasoning & miso dipping sauce


Makes enough for approx 2 dozen oysters

Kelp Seasoning Method

Take the nori sheet & toast in a non stick pan till it becomes very crispy, as it cools it should be able to be very easily crumbled. Remove from the pan & add the sesame seeds & lightly toast.

Place in a spice grinder (or mortar & pestle) & blend till very fine, remove & blend with the lime zest & salt in a small plastic sealed bag & shake so the lime zest oil is extracted through the mixture.

Serve accordingly – sprinkle some on the tempura & also can be served to the side as a table seasoning with the tempura.

Miso Dipping Sauce Method

In a small sauce pan place all the ingredients except the spring onions, bring up to a slow simmer mixing with a wooden spoon at all times, as soon as it reaches a simmer remove from the heat & allow to cool, add the spring onions & mix through.

Tempura Batter Method

Beat an egg in a bowl. Add ice water in the bowl (Be sure to use very cold water)

Add sifted flour in the bowl and mix lightly. Be careful not to over mix the batter.

In a deep fryer (deep sauce pan or Wok) pre-heat cooking oil to 180°c

Remove the oysters from their shells & place on a paper towel & lightly pat dry, set the shells on a service tray or plate.

Dip the oysters in fresh tempura batter & cook in the oil till the batter is crispy. Remove from the oil & place on a dry paper towel.

Return the cooked oysters into the shell & season with kelp seasoning.

To Serve

Serve hot with the miso dipping sauce, extra seasoning & lemon wedges.

About the Chef

The New Zealand Pacific Oyster is a consistent performer when it comes to flavour integrity. This deeply cupped oyster with its light creamy texture never disappoints. As Executive Chef of a high end boutique hotel and previously a prominent hotel chain, I need the absolute assurance of food safety. The in...
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