Poached NZ Pacific Oysters with prosciutto citrus brioche crumble


Makes enough crumble for approx 2 dozen oysters


In a non stick pan on a low heat with no oil, sauté the prosciutto till it begins to crisp then add the brioche with the butter & fry till golden, allow to cool slightly till warm & crumble again to a fine consistency. Mix in the herbs & lemon & season to taste. Set aside but keep warm.

Defrost & remove the oysters from the shells & place in a bowl, pour any juice that comes from the shells in with the oysters. Set the shells on a service tray or plate.

In a shallow sauce pan place 400mls of water, with 3 teaspoons of salt & the lemon juice (could also place the stalks of the herbs in the pan) & bring to a simmer.

Pour all the oysters into the simmering sauce pan allowing to poach for approx 30 seconds, then remove & place back into the shells. Remix the crumble mix & top each oyster with approx a full teaspoon of crumble mix & serve while still warm.

Chef's Note

Prosciutto can be substituted with quality belly bacon or even ham. Poaching maintains the moisture & plumps the oyster up slightly – the crumble is a tasty colourful option that also offers texture.

About the Chef

The New Zealand Pacific Oyster is a consistent performer when it comes to flavour integrity. This deeply cupped oyster with its light creamy texture never disappoints. As Executive Chef of a high end boutique hotel and previously a prominent hotel chain, I need the absolute assurance of food safety. The in...
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