NZ Pacific Oysters poached with leek & potato whip


Serves: Makes approx 12 canapés


• Defrost & remove the oysters from the shells & place in a bowl pour any juice that comes from the shells in with the oysters, set the shells on a service tray.
• In a shallow sauce pan place 400mls of water, with 3 teaspoons of salt & the lemon juice then bring to a simmer.
• Quickly poach the oysters (no longer than 30 sec) & place back in the shell, allow to cool slightly.
• From the ISI canister gently express the leek & potato whip onto ½ the oyster & serve.
• Garnish – crispy fried leeks make a good garnish offering texture

Leek & Potato Whip

• Puree all the ingredients except cream & oil while still warm, season to taste & then slowly mix in the cream & oil.
• Pour into the ISI Canister & set with 2 NOS charges, allow to cool in a chiller for 30 minutes, use as required.

Chefs Note: many commercial kitchens have ISI canisters or similar, unfortunately it is very hard to replicate the leek & potato whip without one.

About the Chef

The New Zealand Pacific Oyster is a consistent performer when it comes to flavour integrity. This deeply cupped oyster with its light creamy texture never disappoints. As Executive Chef of a high end boutique hotel and previously a prominent hotel chain, I need the absolute assurance of food safety. The in...
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