New Zealand Pacific Oysters with “Thai salsa” & Citrus rice


Serves: Recipe for 1 dozen oysters


Thai salsa:

Blend all ingredients in a blender, put aside.

Citrus Rice:
Segment 1 each: Orange, Lime & Lemon, strain all liquid, drop segments in Liquid Nitrogen bath for 3 minutes then transfer to parchment and crush segments until they break into small pieces. Let segments sit in the freezer until serving time.

To Serve

Dress oyster with 1/2 teaspoon “Thai salsa”, Chives, Fleur de sel (sea salt), lemon zest & citrus rice, serve.

About the Chef

Chef Chris Chung’s food is all about unusual ingredients and adventurous flavour combinations, from which he prepares classic Japanese sashimi dishes that are elegant in presentation with flavours that are consistently well-balanced.

In 2009, Chef Chris Chung was named Rising Star Chef for his...
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