NZ Pacific Oysters with grilled watermelon & chilli lime dressing


Makes enough for approx 3-4 dozen oysters


Pat dry the watermelon with a paper towel, preheat the BBQ hot plate (or heavy based fry pan). Lightly brush the watermelon with a small amount of oil & grill on the hot plate (or in the pan) till slightly charred.

Remove the melon from the heat & allow to cool, cut the watermelon into medium dices (salsa cut).

Place a small amount on each oyster & then dress with the lime chilli dressing.

Chilli Lime Dressing Method

Place all the ingredients in a large bowl, and then whisk to combine, store in an airtight container.

Chef's Note

The smoky flavour of the BBQ matches well with the oysters & the watermelon offers a refreshing balance to the Chilli Lime Dressing.

About the Chef

The New Zealand Pacific Oyster is a consistent performer when it comes to flavour integrity. This deeply cupped oyster with its light creamy texture never disappoints. As Executive Chef of a high end boutique hotel and previously a prominent hotel chain, I need the absolute assurance of food safety. The in...
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