Grown in water so pure - you are able to enjoy them straight out of the shell.

New Zealand Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) offer a generous serving of succulent plump meat nestled within a deeply cupped shell, providing a taste unique to New Zealand and the individual growing areas in which they are cultivated. These oysters present a mild salinity, are creamy and juicy with a clean, fresh aftertaste.

Grown in nutrient-rich waters regularly tested under a stringent monitoring programme, the high standard of water quality produces pure New Zealand Pacific Oysters approved by food safety officials to be consumed in a natural, raw state.

Quality Assured

New Zealand operates one of the strictest quality assurance programmes for shellfish in the world. Most countries follow one of the two world strategies for managing the risk in regard to food safety, the European Union programme, which tests shellfish samples or the United States system that tests samples taken of the seawater in which the shellfish is grown. To ensure that New Zealand Pacific Oysters are consistently of the highest quality standard, New Zealand mandates commercial shellfish authorities sample both water and shellfish, allowing New Zealand Pacific Oysters to be enjoyed in their natural, raw state.

Under this stringent monitoring programme, no product can be harvested from farms without confirmation that the water and shellfish testing during the growing cycle and environmental monitoring have declared it safe.

New Zealand Pacific Oysters are processed in state-of-the-art factories operating under stringent hygiene and quality control regimes adhering to New Zealand government regulations and international food processing standards. Regular audits are carried out by Ministry inspectors as well as buyer appointed auditors. Each factory runs its own quality control program including a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.


Each New Zealand Pacific Oyster can be traced right back to the farm in which it grew including information around time of harvest, when it was prepared for market and the journey it took in reaching you.

Environmentally Sustainable

New Zealand Oyster farmers follow best practices developed by the industry to meet the growing global demand for safe, healthy seafood products. The New Zealand Oyster Environmental Code of Practice (2007) directs best industry practices throughout the growing and harvesting cycle to minimise potential effects on the environment. To mitigate environmental impacts the New Zealand government has a number of environmental controls in place, including the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and the Fisheries Act 1996.

Highly Nutritious

New Zealand Pacific Oysters are high in protein, iron and essential amino acids.In particular New Zealand Pacific Oysters are a great natural source of zinc (crucial for a strong immune system) with five Oysters supplying more than 100 percent of an adults daily zinc requirement.

Product Forms

Able to be consumed in their raw natural state, New Zealand Pacific Oysters are available chilled or frozen in the half shell, as chilled or frozen oyster meat or live chilled.  The predominant export form is the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) half shell format.

Culinary Benefits of the IQF half shell

  • With a generous serving of succulent plump meat, creamy white in colour and pure in taste, the New Zealand Pacific Oyster is visually appealing.
  • A safe shellfish, certified as exceeding all US & EU health standards, able to be consumed in their raw natural state.
  • The process by which half shell Oysters are frozen - IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ensures that the fresh, straight-from-the-water taste is encapsulated in the freezing process.
  • Ease of preparation offering the same taste sensation as live oysters by simply removing from the freezer and defrosting (or cooking from frozen) as needed.