Smoked Regal King Salmon mousse with creme frache, potato and olive


Serves four as entrée


For the mousse

Start by placing the robot attachment into the freezer to chill. Remove the skin from the Salmon and cure in the curing mix for 1 hour, turning half way through the process.

Place some smoking chips into a pan and burn till they smoke, then smoke the Salmon for 6-8 minutes before removing and chilling.

Dice the smoked Salmon into small pieces and place into a robot and pulse till you have a smooth puree. Slowly add the cream and continue to blitz until all the cream is incorporated. Once incorporated whip the crème frache till soft peaks form and then fold the salmon into the crème frache. Add the beetroot powder and adjust the seasoning as required. Store in the fridge till needed.

For the crème frache granita
Incorporate the sugar and water together in a pot and bring to a simmer to dissolve the sugar, then cool slightly. Once cooled, in a large bowl whisk the crème frache and syrup together, continue to whisk till combined. Transfer to a shallow tray and place into a freezer and freeze till firm.

For the potato
Using a melon baller with the smaller side scoop out five rounds of potato. Then with the larger scoop go around the outside of the hole in the potato to create a potato sphere with the centre hollowed out. Repeat the same process to all the potatoes.

Fill a large pot of salted water with the saffron in it and place the potato in, boil potato till just cooked through. Drain and store in the fridge in the saffron water.


For the confit:

Cut the salmon into 1 cm dice, you should get 12 small cubes all the same size. Place a pot of duck fat on the stove and bring up to temperature. Place the salmon in and cook for 1 minute just to seal the outside of the salmon, then remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a kitchen towel.


For the olive crumb
Place the olives onto a tray lined with a non slip baking mat. Dehydrate the olives overnight on 50° C or till completely dry. Then blitz the olives on high in a blender to create a crumb powder, pass through a sieve and store in an air tight container.


To Serve

Bring the potato out of the fridge and allow to come up to room temperature. Then pipe the Salmon mousse into the potato.

Heat a non-stick pan till smoking and sear just one side of the confit salmon cubes till golden brown. Keep warm on a small round plate, then arrange the potato around and the seared salmon cubes. Then arrange the picked watercress and frisee leaves around and on top of the salmon and potato. Finally sprinkle over the olive crumb, chives and finish with the olive cheeks. When ready to serve place the granita over the top and serve immediately.

About the Chef

Sam Smith is the 2011 winner of the Inspired by Seafood Award at the Sydney Fish Market Seafood Excellence Awards. 

Sam is currently an apprentice chef with Pilu at Freshwater, an award winning restaurant located in NSW, Australia.

Sam is extremely passionate about creating dishes that u...
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