New Zealand King Salmon Wagyu Surf & Turf


Apple Cider Vinaigrette
• Reduce apple cider in non-reactive saucepan over medium heat by 75% down to 1 Cup.
• Cool concentrated/reduced apple cider.
• Combine all ingredients except oil in a blender and blend until smooth.
• Drizzle in the oil with the blender on.
• Using funnel transfer aioli to plastic squeeze bottles. 
• Hold under constant refrigeration.
• Discard all product that is not used within 7 days.


Sherry and Ruby Port Reduction
• Combine port and shallots in non-reactive sauté pan over medium heat.
• Cook to reduce volume of port by 50%.
• Add sherry vinegar.
• Cook to reduce to a thick syrup
• Remove from heat.
• Whisk in butter while still warm.
• Strain through fine Chinois into a clean container.
• Hold while keeping warm.

Note: For maximum flavor and texture delivery, this recipe should be prepared fresh for each service and any left over should be discarded at end of service.

Heirloom Tomato Confit
• Heat oven to 175 F/80 C.
• Lay tomatoes cut side up on sheet pan lined with parchment paper
• Scatter garlic, thyme and sugar over.
• Season lightly with salt
• Drizzle with the extra virgin olive oil.
• Place in oven until they dry down – they should still be pliable -   about 2 hours.
• Cool to room temperature.
• Transfer to clean storage container. Keep under constant refrigeration.
• Discard unused portion after 5 days.

Note: Heirloom Tomato varieties that work well in this format -  Amish Paste – Beefsteak – Brandywine – Cherokee Red. Organic Beefsteaks are probably the easiest to find.

Tomato Cardamom Butter
• Combine ingredients in a food processor.
• Pulse until smooth – do not overwork or butter will break.
• Lay a parchment paper sheet on work surface.
• Lay butter down one side in a line.
• Roll into a log shape -  with a diameter of 1 ½” /4 cms.
• Roll in plastic wrap, twist ends tight to compress butter.
• Hold under constant refrigeration.
• Discard unused portion after 3 days.

Note: For maximum flavor and texture delivery, grind the cardamom seeds in a coffee or spice grinder just before making the butter. Cardamom is fairly delicate and the flavor fades quickly hence the short shelf life of the butter.  

Crispy Idaho Potato Stacks
• Heat oven to 400 F./200 C.
• Using a  1” /2.5 cm cutter punch out potato coins from the slices.
• Brush 12  - 4” /10 cm  x  4” /10 cm sheets of aluminum foil.
• Layer potatoes in stack on each piece of foil brushing every layer with butter  and lightly seasoning it with salt
• When each stack is 1.5”/4 cm. high, gather the foil around each  so that the stacks stay even - leave the tops open.
• Place stacks on tray and roast in oven until tops are golden.
• Remove from oven and hold.
• For service remove foil from each stack and discard.
• Heat heavy pan over medium heat.
• Add finishing butter to pan and heat until it foams.
• Lay stacks in the pan on their sides  and sear gently, turning until the stacks are golden and crispy all around.
• Drain stacks on paper towels before plating.

Note: This recipe should be prepared fresh for each service and any left over should be discarded at end of service.

To Serve

Yield:  1 Serving

1 Cup Fresh Watercress, trimmed and iced      
1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinaigrette       
1 x 4 oz Grass Fed Wagyu Sirloin      
1  x 3 oz New Zealand King Salmon, skin and blood line removed 
2 each Crispy Idaho Potato Stacks     
2 pieces Roasted Tomato Cardamom Butter    
2 Tbsps Ruby Port and Sherry Vinegar Reduction  


• Heat oven to 375 F/200 C.
• Combine watercress and Apple Cider Vinaigrette in large bowl; toss; chill.
• Pan sear or grill Wagyu sirloin to desired temperature; transfer to plate and  allow to rest.
• Heat a cast iron skillet over high heat until very hot.
• Sear top side of salmon to get a nice crust –  1 – 2 minutes.
• Finish in oven to desired internal doneness.
• Return skillet to medium heat.
• Add butter to skillet and rapidly baste salmon to encase.
• Transfer salmon to plate lined with a towel to drain excess butter.
• Transfer salmon to warm plate.
• Slice Wagyu Sirloin; arrange next to salmon.
• Arrange watercress salad and Crispy Idaho Potato Stacks next to salmon.
• Top Wagyu slices with Roasted Tomato Cardamom Butter.
• Spoon Ruby Port and Sherry Vinegar Reduction next to salmon.
• Serve Immediately.


Recipe Photography: Patrick McDonnell Photography 

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