New Zealand King Salmon Vietnamese Cylinders


For 4 Servings


• Lay slices of salmon in a plastic-lined sheet pan and top with the leaves of romaine, basil, cilantro, mint, red onion, oil and salt and pepper.
• Drizzle with lemon chili oil.
• Roll the salmon into very tight cylinders with all of the leaves inside.
• Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Tomato-Jalapeno Consommé
• Combine all ingredients in a food processor.
• Pulse to a thick puree.
• Season.
• Line a strainer with cheese cloth.
• Set strainer over a bowl.
• Place the puree in the strainer.
• Drain in the refrigerator for about two hours undisturbed.
• Discard puree.
• Reserve consommé.

To Serve

4 each New Zealand Salmon Rolls      
1 Cup Tomato Consommé 
Lemon Chili Oil - To taste
12 each Celery heart leaves 
4 tsps Micro Mint 
4 tsps Dill 
4 tsps Popcorn Shoots 
4 each Pumpernickel Sheets, toasted  


• Lay three cylinders of salmon on each plate.
• Spoon ¼ cup of consommé around each plate.
• Drizzle a little lemon-chile oil over the salmon.
• Garnish with leaves of celery heart, micro mint, dill, popcorn shoots and lightly toasted pumpernickel sheets.
• Serve immediately.


Recipe Photography: Patrick McDonnell Photography 

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