New Zealand King Salmon Togarashi Crusted Flatbread


New Gastro Cuisine
There is a heavy movement towards a new segment known as Gastro Pubs in the more urban sectors of major cities. Like Soho in New York, or Chestnut Street in

Philadelphia these districts are very popular high traffic destinations. Menus typically evolve around complex burgers and sandwiches, but morph into small

plates; charcuiterie plates; casseroles and cool sides and salads. Small plates and ethnic leanings are everywhere, and layered flavors play a leading role.


Grilled Flatbread - method

  • Lay room temperature dough on cutting board. Dust surface lightly with all purpose flour.
  • Turn over and roll in one direction to make an elongated oval 8”  by  4”
  • Transfer to sheet pan lined with paper. Cover with plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate 30 minutes to allow elasticity to relax so dough wont shrink when grilled.
  • Grill dough on either side to mark.
  • Transfer to sheet pan lined with paper. Cover with plastic wrap. Reserve in refrigerator until needed

Ginger Fig Spread - method

  • Place fig spread in stainless steel bowl. Stir in the Sriracha, lemon, ginger and yuzu juice.
  • Transfer spread to clean container. Cover container with plastic wrap.
  • Hold under constant refrigeration. Discard all product that is  not used within 5 days

Rice Wine and Toasted Peanut Vinaigrette - method 

  • Place all ingredients into a blender except oil and salt and pepper. Puree until smooth.
  • Add oil slowly with blender on low. Season to taste.
  • Using funnel transfer vinaigrette to plastic squeeze bottles.
  • Hold under constant refrigeration. Discard all product that is not used within 3 days.

Note – Let Vinaigrette reach room temperature just before service so oil loosens to pourable consistency

Green Onion Aioli - method

  • Combine mayonnaise and green onions in bowl of food processor. Pulse until very smooth. Season to taste.
  • Transfer to clean container. Cover with plastic wrap.
  • Hold under constant refrigeration. Discard unused portion after 3 days.

Togarashi Salmon - method

  • Put Togarashi spice in a small tray or on a plate.
  • Roll Salmon in Togarashi spice until coated on all sides.
  • Heat cast iron skillet until very hot.
  • Sear top side of salmon to get a nice crust (1 – 2 minutes).
  • Finish in 375 F/190 C degree oven to desired internal doneness.
  • Return skillet to medium heat.
  • Add butter. Rapidly baste salmon with butter.
  • Transfer salmon to a plate lined with a towel
  • Let excess butter be absorbed by the towel.
  • Reserve, keeping warm.

Note – Salmon should be cooked to order for each Pizzetta.

To Serve

Yield:  1 Serving

1 each Grilled Flatbread       

1 Tbsp Gingered Fig Spread       

1/2 Cup Watercress leaves       

1 Tbsp Rice Wine and Toasted Peanut Vinaigrette drizzle  

3 oz. Togarashi Salmon, hot

  • Heat Grilled Flatbread in 400 degree oven for 2 minutes.
  • Lay flatbread on cutting board.
  • Brush surface with Gingered Fig Spread
  • Transfer flatbread to plate
  • Place watercress in a bowl and add Rice Wine and Toasted Peanut Vinaigrette - toss
  • Lay watercress on flatbread
  • Break Togarashi Salmon into large pieces and arrange on flatbread.
  • Drizzle with Green Onion Aioli
  • Serve immediately


Recipe Photography: Patrick McDonnell Photography 

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