New Zealand King Salmon Grilled Ochazuke


For 4 servings


• Grill salmon to medium rare
• Reserve, keeping hot.
• Combine onion and bacon fat in skillet over medium heat; sauté until onion is translucent .
• Add corn and continue cooking until just al dente. 
• Add bacon and toss together. 
• Place rice in large bowl, add onion, corn and bacon toss.
• Add ¼ cup scallions and season. 
• Divide rice mix among shallow bowls.
• Place cooked salmon filets on top. 
• Garnish with pickled ginger, Kizami Nori and remaining scallions.
• Pour hot green tea on top of fish. 
• Drizzle shoyu around bowl.
• Serve immediately.


Recipe Photography: Patrick McDonnell Photography 

About the Chef

Mike Yakura - Owner and chef of Dobbs Ferry Restaurant a California Bistro-style restaurant in the Hayes Valley district of San Francisco, that focuses on evolving American cuisine with an emphasis on New York style and sensibilities. 


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