New Zealand King Salmon Baja Tacos


Lime and Honey Brush       
• Combine all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl. Stir.
• Transfer to a clean container
• Cover with plastic wrap
• Hold under constant refrigeration.
• Discard all product that is not used within 7days.

Note: Warm to room temperature before using  to make it easier to brush.

Baja Citrus Pico
• Combine all ingredients in a bowl..
• Toss gently.
• Season
• Transfer to clean storage container and cover.
• Keep under constant refrigeration.

Note: For maximum flavor and texture delivery, this recipe should be prepared fresh for each service and any left over should be discarded at end of service. Piloncillo is a Mexican form of raw sugar. You can substitute brown sugar for it.

Charred Lime Aioli
• Combine mayonnaise charred lime zest, green onions and garlic  in bowl of food processor.
• Pulse until very smooth.
• Season to taste.
• Transfer to clean container.
• Cover with plastic wrap.
• Hold under constant refrigeration.
• Discard unused portion after 3 days.

Note: Cut limes in half and char over open flame then zest into a bowl. Discard limes. It takes about 4 limes to make 1 Tbsp.

Peanut Tacos
• Mix hot water, salt, peanut flour, and flour in a bowl until crumbly and dry
• Knead until smooth
• Cover with damp towel
• Let dough sit at room temperature for 30 minutes
• Knead for 5 minutes and add additional all-purpose flour if too sticky
• Dust work surface with flour
• Roll dough into an 18 inch long log with an 1 inch circumference
• Cut into 18 x 1” pieces
• Roll dough pieces into balls
• Dip each ball into roasted peanut oil and sandwich 2 together
• Roll each ball out as thin 6” taco
• Lightly oil wok or skillet
• Sear taco in wok and pull apart to form 2 think tacos
• Cool on sheet tray

Note: These taco are steamed to order for service.

To Serve

Yield:  2 Salmon Tacos/1 Serving

2 each Peanut  Tacos       
½ Cup Iceberg Lettuce, broken into small pieces and chilled  
1 x 4 oz New Zealand King Salmon, remove skin and bloodline         
2 Tbsps Honey Lime Brush       
2 Tbsps Charred Lime Aioli       
1/3 Cup Baja Citrus Pico       
2 Tbsps Charred Lime Aioli       

• Heat cast iron skillet until very hot.
• Sear top side of salmon to get a nice crust –  1 – 2 minutes.
• Put Salmon a plate.
• Brush liberally with Honey Lime Brush until coated.
• Finish in 375 F/190 C degree oven to desired internal doneness.
• Return skillet to medium heat.
• Brush with more Honey Lime Brush.
• Reserve, keeping warm.
• Steam 2 Peanut Tacos briefly to warm and soften.
• Lay Peanut Tacos on large warm plate.
• Put Salmon a plate.
• Brush liberally with the second batch of Honey Lime Brush.
• Top each taco with iceberg lettuce.
• Break salmon into pieces and lay over lettuce.
• Drizzle Charred Lime Aioli. 
• Spoon Citrus Pico top of salmon or around plate.
• Serve immediately

Note: The reason for a second batch of Honey Lime brush to do the final baste before serving the salmon is because the first batch was used to baste raw salmon.


Recipe Photography: Patrick McDonnell Photography 

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