New Zealand King Salmon Salad with Dill Mayo


Serves: 3-4



For the salmon:

Pan fry the salmon in the olive oil till golden on the outside and just cooked on the inside. Thinly slice the fennel bulb, beetroot and cucumber (use a mandolin if you have one). Mix the salmon and vegetables gently together, squeeze over the lemon juice, season with salt and pepper, garnish with half of the dill - save the other half for the mayo. Dollop with the home made mayo.


For the mayonnaise:

In a blender add egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar and salt/pepper. Blend to combine. With blender running, very slowly add the oil into the mixture. Continue blending until the mixture is thick and forms an emulsion. Season to taste and stir in the dill. Will keep up to 2 weeks if stored in a sealed jar in the fridge.

About the Chef

Passionate about New Zealand food and wine, especially our seafood, Sheryl is a home cook inspiring many through her delicious dishes and stunning photography that she shares on her blog The Huia Tree 

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