New Zealand King Salmon Rolls with Zesty Mayo


Serves: Makes 20 rolls 


  • To make the salmon rolls lay out one slice of the salmon flat on a board. Cut it in half width ways, then from end to end roll each half to form a roll that will stand up, each slice should make two rolls. Repeat this with the remaining slices to form 20 salmon rolls.
  • In a small mixing bowl place the Kewpie mayonnaise, lemon juice & zest, ginger & chives & mix well.
  • Place the salmon rolls on a serving platter, place ½ a teaspoon of the mayonnaise mix on top of each of the salmon rolls, sprinkle a hint of the chilli flakes on top & serve. 


About the Chef

New Zealand King Salmon is renowned for its exceptional flavour and for being naturally high in the healthy Omega-3 oil. As a travelling ambassador for New Zealand cuisine I am proud to prepare and showcase our farmed salmon, which due to our isolation and rigorous farming practices is naturally free from ...
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