Grilled Salmon, new potato, micro roquette, asparagus with poached egg dressing


Serves: 4


On a BBQ flat hot plate (or in a heavy based frying pan) cook the potatoes with some of the canola oil till crisp & golden, remove from the heat & season with salt, keep warm.

On the BBQ flat hot plate (or in a heavy based frying pan) cook the salmon portions skin side down to start with oil, cook ¾ of the salmon skin side down & then flip over to quickly finish the cooking process (salmon is best served medium rare to medium).

In the last few minutes of the salmon cooking add the asparagus to the BBQ (or pan) allowing the asparagus to cook in some of the salmon oils. 

Poached Egg Dressing Method

Place the egg yolk, mustard, lemon juice & zest into a mixing bowl & whisk to combine. Slowly add approx 200mls of the oil constantly whisking to make a mayonnaise base (this can also be made in a small food processor). Mix in the chopped capers, parsley, dill & poached egg using the whisk to break up the egg, season to taste. Store in an airtight container till required.

To Serve

Evenly distribute the warm potatoes across the 4 plates, then in the middle of the potatoes, build a small salad with the red onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes & roquette on each plate. On top of the salad place the salmon & season each plate to taste, finish with the poached egg dressing. As an additional garnish you could add a wedge of lemon.

About the Chef

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