You will savour the delicate texture and flavour.

New Zealand is the largest producer of farmed King Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), otherwise known as Chinook. Raised within the pristine waters of New Zealand, this isolated and pure environment is perfect for producing the premium King Salmon variety, prized for its characteristic rich flavour, delicate soft texture and high Omega-3 content.

New Zealand growers are focussed on nurturing the Salmon to ensure fish welfare and guarantee high quality and safe Salmon for the consumer. This nurturing focus, isolated environment and lack of native salmon population has meant that New Zealand has not experienced the serious diseases that have been found in other Salmon producing countries. New Zealand Salmon farming practices therefore do not use antibiotics, vaccines or chemical treatments, providing assurance that the consumer is enjoying a natural and pure product.

Environmental Sustainability

The New Zealand King Salmon industry is committed to producing quality Salmon in a well managed and environmentally sustainable manner. The New Zealand Finfish Aquaculture Environmental Code of Practice (2007) directs best industry practices throughout the hatchery, growing and harvesting cycle to minimise potential effects on the environment.

To mitigate environmental impacts the New Zealand government has a number of environmental controls in place, including the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and the Fisheries Act 1996.

Quality Assured

New Zealand King Salmon are handled with care throughout the processing stage to ensure consumer safety and optimum product quality. From the farm, the Salmon are transported directly to state-of-the-art processing plants. All processing plants in New Zealand are required to meet the international HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) quality standards and are regularly audited by independent authorities. Government regulatory authorities inspect and monitor processes for compliance with health and access requirements of consuming countries.


The New Zealand Salmon industry has the advantage of knowing where each of its fish has derived from, with traceability back to the hatcheries and farms currently operating within the country. At the hatcheries, eggs are collected and fertilised under the control of a sophisticated broodstock tracking and family selection programme.

Highly Nutritious

King Salmon has the highest natural oil content of all salmon varieties – making it a rich source of healthy long-chain Omega-3s, as well as being high in protein. A 150 gram (5.3 ounce) portion of King Salmon provides 100% of the daily adult requirement of Omega 3 and 70% of the daily adult requirement of protein.

Culinary Benefits

  • Consistent year round supply.
  • New Zealand King Salmon has the highest natural oil content of all Salmon varieties - distinctly visible in the contours of the flesh.
  • New Zealand King Salmon is versatile in application and appeal, suited to every meal of the day – enjoyed raw or cooked.
  • Complimentary to both sweet and savoury flavour profiles, appealing to a variety of cultural palettes.

Product Forms

  • New Zealand King Salmon is available in varying frozen and chilled product forms from whole Salmon through to custom sized single-serve fillets.
  • A range of natural and conveniently packed hot and cold wood smoked salmon products are available.