Salt & Pepper New Zealand Greenshell Mussels


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Salt & Pepper Mussels

  • Mix all dry ingredients well.
  • Place the mussels into the milk (this ensures the dry ingredients sticks to the mussels).
  • Heat the oil to 185°C (365°F) in a deep fryer. 
  • Remove the mussels from the milk & shake any excess milk then dredge the mussels through the dry ingredients (seasoning) ensuring the mussel is completely coated in the seasoning.
  • Fry the mussels in small batches to maintain the heat, fry until the coating is crisp. 
  • Remove & drain on a paper towel. 
  • Keep the mussels hot until you serve.


Pineapple Ginger Puree

  • In a medium saucepan place all the ingredients accept the salt, & slowly bring to a simmer.
  • Continue to cook on a low heat until the pineapple becomes soft & the mixture becomes thick, stirring regularly.
  • Place the mixture into a food processor or blender & puree till smooth. Season to taste & allow to cool.
  • Store in a container with a lid. 

To Serve

  • Place the hot mussels on a serving dish with the pineapple ginger puree & garnish with lime wedges.


Chefs Notes:
Great as a snack or formal styled finger food, the spiced hot crispy texture of the mussels work extremely well with the soft pineapple ginger puree. The salt & pepper seasoning encases & seals the mussels & maintains the juicy meaty texture of the Greenshell mussels.


About the Chef

The Greenshell™ Mussel is possibly the most iconic representative of New Zealand’s seafood history. As a travelling ambassador for New Zealand cuisine I have always utilised Greenshell™ Mussels with complimentary results. At home, New Zealand diners recognise the Greenshell™ Mussel ...
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Salt & Pepper New Zealand Greenshell Musselshttp:// from the Pure Waters of New Zealand, Explore the Unique Taste, Nutrition and Quality of our Seafood and Be Inspired with Many Delicious Recipes16 New Zealand Greenshell Mussels 130gms (4.6oz) Cornflour130gms (4.6oz) Rice Flour½ teaspoon Chilli Powder1 teaspoon White Peppercorns (finely ground)1 teaspoon Flakey Salt200mls MilkOil for frying