New Zealand King Salmon soft shell taco

New Zealand King Salmon soft shell taco

Serves 6 medium sized tacos


600gms (21oz) New Zealand Salmon Fillet (skin removed)
6 Corn Tortilla Wraps (6inch or 15cm)
100gms (3.5oz) or 3 big leaves Lettuce (preferably iceberg) – finely shredded
30gms (1oz) Carrot – cut into julienne (thin strips)
20gms (0.7oz) Red Onion – cut into julienne (thin strips)
3 Cherry Tomato – cut into halves
6 stems Coriander – rough chopped leaves & stalks
1 Lime
1 Avocado (just ripe) - peeled
30 mls Olive Oil
1/2 teaspoon Ground Cumin
pinch Chilli Powder
  Salt to taste


Method - To cook the Salmon

Method - To make the Tacos

Chef's Notes:
The tacos make a great healthy snack or meal with a good balance of rich oil from the salmon (high in Omega 3) & sharp citrus from the lime juice.

With the offcuts from the tortilla wraps after the rounds have been cut for the tacos, you can brush with a bit more olive oil & even season with some of the cumin, chilli & salt seasoning & bake till crisp in the oven to make tortilla crisps ideal for dipping in avocado dip.