The sensual flavors of New Zealand Pacific Oysters reflect the pure waters they are grown in. Sumptuously textured, these delicacies are the height of indulgence.

No other food reflects its origins as swiftly and sensually as an oyster to its seaborne home. When that home happens to be in New Zealand’s unspoiled coastal waters and the oyster is a New Zealand Pacific Oyster, that pleasurable experience is only accentuated.

The unique characteristics of our pure underwater environment and distinctive marine ecology impart a clean flavor profile and full-bodied texture to our Pacific Oysters. Taste experiences appreciated and recalled by oyster lovers everywhere.

New Zealand Pacific Oysters are known for their unique flavor and succulent plump meat. We often snap-freeze our raw oysters immediately at harvest to ensure consumers around the world can enjoy them at their peak of flavor and nutritional value. They have the same taste sensation as non-frozen raw oysters but have the added benefit of greater convenience. No small consideration in this time-pressured world.

Consumers of New Zealand Pacific Oysters can be confident that what they are enjoying won’t be compromised in any way by safety concerns. New Zealand takes pride in maintaining the strictest quality assurance programme in the world. While most countries test either the shellfish or the immediate seawater environment, New Zealand rigorously and regularly tests both.

We also have traceability right back to where the oysters were raised. The impact of all these measures mean that New Zealand Pacific Oysters can be fully appreciated worldwide in their natural raw state.

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