Feeding NZ's Future

If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive

Aquaculture is New Zealand’s future primary industry.

It is the fastest growing sector of our seafood industry. Created by the people who live in, and abide by the environment, it is an industry that co-exists with New Zealand’s unique natural conditions.

In a world where the demand for quality nutritious seafood is increasing, the New Zealand aquaculture industry delivers through the environmentally sustainable production of Greenshell™ mussels, King salmon and Pacific oysters.  It is a product range satisfying the aspirations of the restaurant in London, the party in New York, the boardroom in Sydney and the summer BBQ in Taupo.

Aquaculture is not just a source of income, it is way of life representing a relationship with the land and sea with the ability to economically transform regional communities, but most of all, it provides unity within the regions fostering strong community links. It provides a future for those rural regions New Zealanders treasure. The Aquaculture sector in New Zealand currently employs approximately 3,000 from farming through to administrative roles (this excludes ancillary industries).

Not only is aquaculture based on renewable resources, it depends for its existence on the purity of water – it therefore has a stewardship role in assisting to protect New Zealand’s aquatic environments.  This reflects the values of Maori who are key participants in the sector. The harvesting of seafood and purity of water is the cornerstone of who they are as people and is consistent with traditional management concepts such as kaitiakitangi. (The exercise of guardianship by the tangata whenua of an area in accordance with Maori in relation to natural and physical resources including the ethic of stewardship).  The pioneers have adopted these same values the industry reflects today.

As New Zealanders, our connection to the sea is part of who we are. Our iconic Greenshell™ mussels, premium Pacific oysters and highly nutritious King salmon form a distinctive part of our kiwi cuisine offering and outdoor dining lifestyle.

Evolving through a combination of New Zealand’s unique natural environment and the nation’s enviable reputation and expertise as a premium food producer, aquaculture is now poised to feed New Zealand’s future – nutritionally and economically.