Feeding NZ's Future

The quality of our water affects the quality of our products, our lives and our future.

Environmental sustainability isn’t an optional extra for the New Zealand Aquaculture sector, it is central to our business.  Without a clean and healthy marine environment aquaculture cannot exist.  If we don’t ensure that the marine ecology is cared for, we risk depleting the resources we depend on.

Aquaculture activities in New Zealand occupy only 0.2% of New Zealand’s coastline.  Within that area the industry operates the strictest water quality assurance programme for shellfish in the world. Through this monitoring, regulation dictates that no product can be harvested from farms without confirmation that water testing during the growing cycle, rainfall monitoring and product testing has declared it safe.

We therefore assist in providing clean, safe and environmentally friendly waterways for the local population.

Water purity creates safe and nutritious products savoured and enjoyed the world over, leading to prosperity for the industry and a sustainable future.